Monday, June 24, 2013

I have realized that as much as I want to go to school and do well, my brain injury makes it very hard for me to be able to do as well in school as I wish that I could. I have been looking for ways to be able to do better and make my injury a lesser issue for me in school.

I have found that I really have to focus on my studies and take more time to do assignments than most people would. I also find that I do not remember a lot of what I read and learn, which makes it just that much harder for me to be able to complete the assignments that I have to do.

I am wondering if there is anything that people know of that can help me and other PTSD veterans that are having this issue.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

This first post is just a short introduction to my new blog site. I started this site as I wanted to express my opinions and create a community of help for veterans or anyone who has PTSD. I think that as the war begins to wind down and people are pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan we are beginning to become a forgotten community. I have PTSD and TBI and have found that there is a lot of help out there somewhere but have yet to find it all.

One of the goals of this blog site is to find people with the knowledge to help people, or people that need to help. I will do everything in power to find the answer for people and help them on their quest to find a better life after going through the things that we have all been through.

I hope that everyone can find a sense of community here and can help each other, whether you just want to share your story, or you need to find help with VA benefits, mental health, or just somewhere to find a person to talk to.

I will be posting a couple of times a week or more and hope that people can find this site and others that can relate.